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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure your home loan is the right one - so here's a selection of frequently asked questions, tips and guides to help you maximise your loan, save money, and pay it off a whole lot sooner.

You can always arrange to speak with one of our home loan specialists to discuss your needs further.


View our online First Home Buyers Guide for information on choosing the right home loan, finding out how much you can borrow and more.


Working out the finances:

Calculate how much you can borrow

Calculate how much faster you can pay off your loan with extra repayments

Find out how much stamp duty will cost in your state or territory

What are the current interest rates?

What are our latest fees and charges?

How to apply and the application process


Your loan can move with you.
Did you know that if you sell your current home or investment property, not only can you take your Citi home loan with you, but you may also be eligible for a reduced application fee on the new property? Now that's welcomed news.

To discuss your current loan - or to talk about loan strategies that could save you money - please call us on 1300 131 127 between 9am and 5pm EST, Monday to Friday, alternatively you can sign onto Citi Online and send us a secure email.

Become home loan free. Fast.
Adopt one tip, or better still, try them all to fast-track your way to financial freedom:

  • Have an annual home loan health check - Home Loans are no longer a one-size-fits-all product. Review your loan at least annually to check you're getting the most out of your home loan.
  • Get an offset account - An offset savings account lets you maintain your savings while whittling away your home loan. It's a great way to be home loan-free faster, and at no extra cost to you, you can link a Citi Offset Savings Account to your Citi Standard Variable Home Loan. 
  • Make extra payments - Even small additional repayments can make a big difference. Give up just one cappuccino each week, and by tipping the extra $3.50 into your home loan each week, you could save over $8,000 in total interest on a $250,000 loan at 7.5%p.a. interest over the 24 remaining years. Paying larger amounts like your tax refund into your loan can also shorten the life of the loan with a significant saving on the interest. 
  • Pay fortnightly - You can reduce the cost of your home loan by paying fortnightly versus monthly. By paying fortnightly rather than monthly you make approximately two more payments each year. 
  • Make your lender a one-stop-shop - Having all your financial needs serviced by one bank doesn't just streamline money management, it can generate big savings. 
  • Self-service banking - If you have a Citi Debit card, you can streamline your day-to-day transactions by using our Internet Banking, CitiPhone Banking on 13 24 84 and our worldwide ATM and EFTPOS network, whenever it suits you.

Consolidate your debts and save interest.
Debt consolidation can involve combining all your higher-interest debt into one low-interest loan - usually your home loan. Consolidating personal loans and credit cards this way is a sensible strategy that can more than halve the interest rate.

The key to successful debt consolidation is sticking to a budget. The system works best if you aim to repay your debts sooner by making additional repayments. Oh, and avoid racking-up large amounts of credit once you've consolidated your debts, or you could find yourself overloaded with debt. Credit is extremely handy, so remember to use it wisely.

To discuss your current loan - or to talk about loan strategies that could save you money - please call us on 1300 131 127 between 9am and 5pm EST, Monday to Friday, alternatively you can sign onto Citi Online and send us a secure email.


Use the equity in your home.
Your home equity - the difference between what you owe and what your home is worth - is a major asset. But it's one that many homeowners under-utilise. By using your home loan as a low-cost source of funds, you can tap into your home equity, at anytime, for whatever purpose you like. Boost the value of your home with renovations, invest in shares or your children's education, upgrade your car or take a well-earned holiday - all at home loan interest rates.

For example, by using your home loan instead of your credit card, you could save up to $1,000 in 12 months on a $10,000 purchase. So for the latest on how you can access the hidden value of your home, call us on
1300 131 127.

Got your biggest asset covered?
Underinsurance is a major hazard for homeowners. According to the Insurance Council of Australia1, our homes are underinsured, on average, to the tune of about 30%. Trouble is, most people don't realise until they go to make a claim.

Adequate insurance of your home or investment property is a must. 

Annual home loan health check.
Home Loans are no longer a one-size-fits-all product, so it's worth reviewing your loan once a year to check it's still right for you and your circumstances. To check it's still a good fit, call us on 1300 131 127.

Whether you're ready to apply for a home loan, discuss your current Citi home loan or just want to ask a question, you can speak with one of our specialists. Visit our contact us page for more information.

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