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Mortgage Calculators

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Mortgages Repayment Calculator

Want to understand how much your repayments will be based on your loan amount? Use this simple calculator as an easy guide to understanding how much you will need to repay weekly, monthly, or fortnightly.

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Split Loan Calculator

Want to discover the perfect split between fixed and variable interest? Use this simple calculator as an easy guide to understand how splitting your loan will change your repayments over time.

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Stamp Duty Calculator

Until you understand Stamp Duty, it's impossible to estimate how much you will need to borrow. Use this simple calculator to find out how much Stamp Duty you will owe in your state or territory, based on the value of the property.

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Extra Repayments Calculator

Use this simple calculator as an easy guide to understand how topping up your repayments can help you to reduce your interest and pay off your home loan sooner.

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Lump Sum Repayments Calculator

Put your extra money to good use. Use this handy calculator to see how much faster you can pay off your loan each time you make a lump sum repayment.

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Key Facts Generator

Use this great tool to download your own personalised key facts sheet with all the information you'll need about the home loan products that suit your requirements.

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Property Market Insights

Property outlook for 2022

Even before that crisis, the pace of inflation had leaped to worrying levels in major economies around the globe. In the US, the consumer price index posted a 7.5% leap in January compared to a year ago according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Should I get a fixed or variable mortgage?

The best time to buy a home is when you’re ready, but certain events like a movement in interest rates may change your timing. An event impacting rates that is likely not on your radar is the nation’s savings rate.

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Building a property portfolio in any market

While the tech sector is generating the quickest rise of new millionaires and billionaires, property remains the source of wealth for 63 of the 200 richest, states the Rich List.

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