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We believe that when it comes to investment portfolios, there's no such thing as 'one size fits all'.

As the largest global bank with a wealth management division in Australia, everything we do is built on the knowledge that there's an ideal mix of investments out there for you - personalised investment options and wealth solutions that will help maximise your money and maintain your lifestyle. 

With specialised knowledge, global insights and investing experts ready to educate you about our investment products, you'll experience support every step of the way. Inspiring you with the confidence to build your wealth the way you want. 

Shouldn't you have Australia's best service on your side?

In 2019, our customers rated Citi as the #1 service provider* in Australia when compared to the 'Big 4' Australian banks. They know that when it comes to investing, having the right guidance and expertise by your side makes a world of difference.

Our experts can help you navigate our range of investments including fixed income solutions, term deposits, property, structured products, foreign currency and more.


*2019 Net Promoter Score survey results.


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Harness our Australian expertise.

As a Global Citizen you are in search of investment opportunity in any market. Australia is a desirable destination for international investors, with strong regulatory and legal framework, as well as its stable government. Our personalised wealth management service can provide you with a dedicated on-the-ground contact in Australia, to help meet whatever needs you may have. 

This service is called Citigold. 

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