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How to apply for a Citi Credit Card


To apply for a credit card, select the card you wish to apply for on the Credit Cards Overview page.

Please send documents together with your name and Application ID via:

Document upload: For details, refer to your application email.
Post: Citi Credit Cards, GPO Box 1625, Sydney NSW 2001


Online Security

You should be aware that email is not a secure communications channel. Should you choose to send us information by email, we recommend that you encrypt the information using an encryption program that's compatible with the encryption programs used by us. We can support files encrypted with Winzip or SecureZip. You'll then need to contact us and advise the password used to encrypt your files. Just call 1800 807 138 to advise us of the password. Please don't email the password to us. Should you choose to send us unencrypted information you do so at your own risk. We accept no liability should the information that you send to us be intercepted by a third party. If you wish to proceed and email us your documents, the email address is -

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