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Pay with Points

Use your Points to get credit back for almost anything you buy with your Citi credit card.*

Whether it's your first flat white in the morning, a cheeky pizza, groceries or a wardrobe refresh you can use your Points to get a credit back no matter how big or small the purchase.

Mobile screen of Citi Mobile App displaying Pay with Points feature


How to Pay with Points anytime via the Citi Mobile® App:

Step 1


Go to 'See all transactions' and tap your eligible purchase*

Step 2


Tap 'Pay with Points'

Step 3


Receive a credit back within 2 business days


If you don’t have the Citi Mobile® App, download it today.

Download the Citi Mobile App on the App Store Download the Citi Mobile App on the Google Play Store

Alternatively if you’re using a desktop you can sign on to Citi Online, click 'Pay with Points' under the 'Rewards' tab and follow the prompts.


Citi Rewards Card

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2,500 Points = $10


4,000 Points = $10


2,500 Points = $10


2,500 Points = $10

Frequently Asked Questions:


Important Information

*An eligible purchase is a transaction we will present to you in your Citi Mobile® App or Citi Online that can be paid by redeeming your reward Points. The types of transactions that may be paid by redeeming your reward Points may change and we will present these to you in the Citi Mobile® App or Citi Online.



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