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Online Security


Scams and fraud

We are committed to providing a secure account management environment to all customers. Find out about the latest security alerts and what to do in the event of fraud or a scam.

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Scams continue to be on the rise and we’ve identified a few scam types that are more likely to impact you.

1. Call Centre and SMS scams

Scammers can contact you pretending to be reputable organisations and pressure you into providing your personal or account information. We’re hearing reports from customers about calls and SMS messages impersonating banks including CBA, BOQ, Virgin Money Australia, as well as Visa and Mastercard. These scammers can design their messages to look genuine and copy the format used by the organisation, including their branding and logo.

2. Goods not received scams

Scammers can also contact you via social media or advertise attractive sales or deals that link to a fraudulent website. Scammers will offer you goods or services in exchange for payment but they never intend to deliver them.

3. Australian Taxation Office (ATO) scams

You should also be very careful of government agency scams. Scammers posing as ATO staff may contact you via phone, SMS or social media, under a false pretense such as threatening you with legal action unless you make a payment they claim is overdue. They may also try to offer you support or a benefit if you can validate your identity by providing information like your tax file number or superannuation details.

What you can do to protect yourself

1. Stop and think before responding to unsolicited calls, emails, or SMS. Don’t give out your personal or account details or your One-Time PIN (OTP), even if it’s someone claiming to be your bank.

2. Be mindful of retail websites and online or social media offers that are fake but appear genuine. Find out exactly who you are dealing with, including if they are an Australian company, before you make the purchase.

3. Update your password on a regular basis and make sure your contact details are correct so we can let you know about potential scams that could be impacting you.

Report fraud or a scam

Reporting scams

Reporting scams

If you believe you have been the victim of a scam, please contact us immediately on 1300 550 216.

It’s important that you get in touch with us if:

  • you’ve sent money or authorised a payment due to a suspected scam
  • you’ve provided your identity information and/or account details to someone who you believe is a scammer
  • you’ve found unauthorised transactions in your account statements
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Report any scams to Scamwatch

Report any scams to Scamwatch, an independent website run by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Scamwatch provides information to consumers and small businesses on how to recognise, avoid and report scams. Anything reported to Scamwatch will be analysed and acted on by the ACCC.

Actions you can take immediately

We also have a number of measures to keep your account safe

Stay up to date

  • Register for ACSC Alert Service, a free Government-run service to alert you of new online threats as they are identified.
  • Visit Scamwatch to keep up to date with the latest trends in scam activity.
  • Visit the Australian Cyber Security Centre for the latest advice on cyber security.
  • The Australian Banking Association (ABA) has launched a Safe & Savvy guide for older Australians to help them to avoid financial abuse, scams and fraud.

Identifying common scams and how to protect yourself

Find out more about common scams and how to protect yourself.

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