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Balance Transfer


A Balance Transfer is when you move an outstanding amount you owe, called a balance, from a credit card or a personal loan over to another account. The account you move the balance over to, should have no or a low interest rate for a promotional period. If you pay off the balance in full before the Balance Transfer promotional period ends, then this can result in you paying less in interest and saving you money.

Balance Transfer

Balance Transfers on your Citi Lending account

Balance Transfers provide you with convenient access to funds.

Transfer balances from your non Citi branded credit cards or a personal loan to your Citi Lending account at a promotional rate. $500 minimum Balance Transfer, up to 80% of your credit limit.

Request a transfer of funds from your Citi Lending account to a bank account in your name via Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT). The funds will be available within 3 business days from when the balance transfer is processed. $500 minimum Balance Transfer, up to 80% of your credit limit.

Balance Transfer Offer

How can I take up a Balance Transfer Offer?

To see if you’re eligible for a Balance Transfer offer on your existing Citi Lending account, please visit My Offers by signing on to Citi Online, clicking on ‘Offers’ and then selecting ‘Lending’.

Alternatively, you can call us on 13 24 84, to see if you are eligible.

Calculating repayments for your Balance Transfer

Plan out your monthly budget by estimating your monthly Balance Transfer repayments based on the amount you want to borrow.

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For more information on Balance Transfers, please click Learn more below.

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Important Information

1. Lending customers include: Ready Credit, Personal Credit and Diners Club Credit Line customers only. Citi Personal Loan Plus accounts are not eligible for Balance Transfers.

Balance transfer offers are subject to eligibility and only available if your account is and remains in good standing (for example - your account is not in default, suspended or closed). An individual balance transfer must not be for an amount less than $500 and your total balance transfers may not exceed 80% of your credit limit. Transferred balances are typically repaid before any retail purchase balance or cash advance balance. At the end of the balance transfer period, the interest on any outstanding transferred balance will revert to the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) that applies for cash advances to your Citi Lending Account, as set out on your statement.

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