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Disaster and Crisis support

Disaster and Crisis support

Unexpected or severe events such as droughts, floods, bushfires, storms, cyclones and earthquakes can cause devastation to individuals and communities across the country.

How we can help

We know natural disasters and unexpected events can cause stress and financial difficulty and we’re here to support you and help you get back on your feet.

Visit our Financial Hardship page to see what type of assistance is available and how to apply.

disaster and crisis support

Further Assistance

We offer support to customers who have been affected by a natural disaster. Some of the ways we can assist you during this time include:

Disaster Relief Grant

To see if you are eligible for the grant or how we can assist you further, please contact us on 1800 722 879 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 9pm AEST).

Preparing for natural disasters

Know your emergency plan.

A good understanding of your emergency plan means you can carry it out quickly if natural disaster strikes. Write and practice your evacuation plan for each disaster scenario for your location. Learn how to turn off your electricity, water and gas, and locate the safest room in the house to take shelter. The Australian Red Cross has guidance on how to create an emergency plan.

Prepare an emergency kit.

Disasters like flood or bushfire can happen fast. You should have an emergency kit in a safe place, ready to go for the kind of scenarios that could potentially affect you. Not sure where to start? No problem. Australian Red Cross has a checklist of the items you should consider packing.

Ready your home.

Check that your home or business is as disaster proof as possible using the Australian Red Cross’ app Get Prepared, available on the App Store* and Google Play^. It’s important to maintain your garden, clear your gutters, down pipes and drains. Have a roofing expert check the condition of your roof and fix any broken tiles. Remove flammable items and check that water sources and hoses are accessible.

Ready your insurance.

Check that your home, car or personal items are insured properly. There may be several support options available to help you recover from the impacts of a natural disaster.

Safety first.

It’s important not to take unnecessary risks when faced with a natural disaster. Regardless of what you own, nothing is more precious than your life and the lives of others. In the event of flood, bushfire, cyclone and severe weather please follow the advice of your local emergency services.

Set a reminder.

Any year that you avoid encountering a natural disaster is a good one. But your emergency plans and supplies need to be checked or revisited at least once a year. Set a reminder for the quieter months and review your current plans. That way you’re always ready and informed when disaster season rolls around again.

Get informed and stay safe

Whether it’s before or during the disaster season, you can always access the most up-to-date information and essential services through specialist natural disaster organisations such as Australian Red Cross, your local emergency services organisations and local radio station.

External Resources & Government Grants

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