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Credit Limit Increase

Manage your credit limit

For when your financial needs change.

You can manage your credit limit on your Citi Lending account by requesting a decrease or increase to your credit limit.

How to decrease your credit limit?

To decrease your credit limit:

  1. Simply contact us via
  2. You can lower your credit limit to a minimum of $2,000.
  3. Should you wish to reinstate your previous credit limit after it is decreased, your application to increase your credit limit will be subject to our lending criteria at that time.

How to increase your credit limit?

If you would like to request an increase to your credit limit1 six months after you have activated and started using your account:

  1. Simply contact us via
  2. Please note that the requested new credit limit cannot be more than 50% of your existing credit limit or $10,000 (whichever is less).

No processing fees

There are no processing fees when you request to change your credit limit. It is important to note for every $1,000 of additional credit, an additional minimum repayment of $30 is required.

What we need to know from you

First we will need to know how much you would like to increase your credit limit by.

Once we know this our credit assessment policy requires us to verify your current income and your employment status.

This verification process is to ensure we have your most up to date information and helps us assess if the credit limit increase you're applying for is suitable to your current situation.


As your financial needs change, your lending account is there ready for you to use again and again, up to your available credit limit. See below some ways other customers are using their account.

Reuse your available credit

One of the unique benefits of your Citi Lending account is the flexibility to reuse your available credit, up to your credit limit, at the Standard Annual Percentage Rate2.

Fixed Payment Options

Fixed Payment Options

Fixed Payment Options are features of your account which allow eligible customers to set up fixed instalments at a personalised rate3.

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Important Information

  1. 1. Your Credit Limit increase application is subject to our credit criteria, your existing accounts with us being in good standing (for example – your account is not in default, suspended or closed). Once your additional credit limit request is approved, we'll get back to you within 7 to 10 working days to confirm your new credit limit.
  2. 2. Reuse of available credit will be charged at your Annual Percentage Rate. Refer to your statement for your Annual Percentage Rate.
  3. 3. Fixed Payment Option offers are subject to eligibility and only available if your account is and remains in good standing (for example – your account is not in default, suspended or closed). Your Fixed Payment Option uses part of your existing Credit Limit. As you pay off your Fixed Payment Option, the amount you pay off will become available for you to use again as part of your Credit Limit, at the standard Annual Percentage Rate applicable to your account. For the full terms and conditions for Fixed Payment Options, please refer to the Unsecured Credit Terms and Conditions and Other Important Information.
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