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Citi Instalment Plans

Stay in control of your budget with fixed
monthly instalments and a personalised rate

Citi Instalment Plans give you the means to live the life you want today without breaking the budget.

This feature allows you to turn a big expense or balance into smaller monthly instalments at a fixed interest rate over a set term. You can set up your instalment plan online using Citibank Online Banking or Citi Mobile App®.




Citi Quick Cash allows you to request cash from $500 up to 90% of your available credit. Quick cash funds are made available the same day if you have a Citibank transaction account. If your account is with another financial institution you will receive your funds within 3 working days.


From Citi Mobile® App
or Citibank Online.


Funds are made available on the same day if you have a Citi transaction account or within 3 business days when you transfer to another Australian financial institution.


Enjoy the budget control.


Citi PayLite allows you to convert purchases and cash advances of $300 or more before they appear on your statement. Your total Citi PayLite instalment plans may not exceed 90% of your credit limit


Shopping, regular bills, cash advances,
date night. Anything you like.


From Citi Mobile® App
or Citibank Online.


Enjoy the budget control.


Citi FlexiBill allows you to convert purchases and cash advances included in the closing balance on your statement.


Receive your statement.


From Citi Mobile® App
or Citibank Online.


Enjoy the budget control.

Some examples of where you can use Citi Instalment Plans

Citi Instalment Plans are there to give you the freedom to have the things you want today, while still being in control of your budget.

Used Car


Home Renovation





Step 1

Sign on to Citibank Online and go to My Offers.

Step 2

Click the Lending offer in My Offers and select your preferred Citi Instalment Plan offer.

Step 3

Complete and submit your request.

Citi Instalment Plan offers are subject to eligibility. 



Step 1

Sign into the Citi Mobile® app

Step 2

Select the Citi Instalment Plan offer on your dashboard

Step 3

Complete and submit the request form

Citi Instalment Plan offers are subject to eligibility. 

How your instalments will appear on your statement.

If you have one or more Citi Instalment Plans the details will appear on your monthly statement within the Fixed Payment Option Summary section, under your transactions list. Information will include Commencement date, Plan Number, Instalment number, Annual percentage rate, Original amount, Monthly Instalment, Principal Component and Outstanding Balance.

Monthly instalments are in addition to monthly repayments required for any cash advances and purchases, balance transfers, fees and charges. Your total monthly Payment Due will appear on the top right hand corner of your statement.

View interactive statement tool

Making additional repayments on your Citi Instalment Plan

If you wish to make an additional payment towards your Citi Instalment Plan, before making the payment
you must send a secure message and allow up to two working days for a confirmation. Once you have received
confirmation, you can then make the additional repayment.

How to send a secure message

1. Sign into your account

2. Click Service menu

3. Select My profile

4. Select My messages

Information to include

1. Your Instalment Plan number for which you would like the additional repayment applied to

2. The extra amount you would like to pay


Please note

If you make a payment which exceeds the minimum payment due plus any overdue amount, the excess amount will be applied to pay the balance of your account
(excluding the outstanding balance of the Fixed Payment Option). If the Fixed Payment Option is your only outstanding balance, then any additional payment
will be allocated to it.


Important Information

Citi instalment plan is defined in the Unsecured Credit Terms and Conditions and Other Important Information as a Fixed Payment Option. Fixed Payment Option offers are subject to eligibility and only available if your account is and remains in good standing. Your Fixed Payment Option uses part of your existing credit limit. As you pay off your Fixed Payment Option, the amount you pay off will become available for you to use again as part of your credit limit at the standard Annual Percentage Rate (APR) applicable to your account.

A fee may apply to set up a Fixed Payment Option.

During the cycle in which a Fixed Payment Option is set up, you will be charged an initial interest charge which will be included in the Minimum Payment Due on your next statement (not applicable if the FPO APR is 0%). Subsequent statements will include an instalment for each month of the term.

if you request a Citi FlexiBill instalment plan, we will convert the retail purchases included in the closing balance from your latest statement first, before converting any cash advances. We may limit the amount that can converted to Citi FlexiBill.

While you have a Fixed Payment Option, payments will be applied to your initial interest charge or monthly instalment before all other balances, even if they attract a higher rate of interest.

If you miss a monthly payment, interest at the retail APR will be charged on any unpaid instalment or initial interest charge. Your Fixed Payment Option may also be cancelled. If your Fixed Payment Option is cancelled, the outstanding balance of your Fixed Payment Option will revert to the retail APR for Citi PayLite and Citi FlexiBill and the cash advance APR for Citi Quick Cash.

For the full terms and conditions that apply to Fixed Payment Options, please refer to the  Unsecured Credit Terms and Conditions and Other Important Information.