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Basic Bank Account

Basic Bank Account

What is a Basic Bank Account?

A Basic Bank Account, according to the Australian Banking Association, is a transaction account that has fee-free features and provides eligible customers with an account they can receive their government benefit payment into and access free banking transactions. 

If you have a government card, such as a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, a Health Care Card, or Pensioner Concession, you may want to consider opting for our basic bank account, Citibank Plus. 



  • No account keeping fees
  • Free periodic statements
  • No minimum deposits
  • Free direct debit facilities
  • Access to a debit card at no extra cost
  • Free and unlimited Australian domestic transactions* 


*Note that you may be charged for certain ancillary services. For example, bank cheques, telegraphic transfers, or transactions at ATMs owned and operated by third parties. 


  • No informal overdrafts (except where it is impossible or reasonably impractical for us to prevent your account from being overdrawn)
  • No dishonour fees; and
  • No overdrawn fees.