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Your kids wont know about investing in Bonds, but they'll be glad you did.

Earn up to 2-4%p.a. returns with corporate Bonds.

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Key Features

Reliable income

Receive a regular and predictable income over
the life of your investment.

Portfolio diversification

Diversify your portfolio with 2,200
local and international Bonds.

Direct access

Get access to our Global
Bonds Trading Desk.

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Citi can offer you direct investment in Bonds, if you are a wholesale investor.1 This means a customer can invest with a minimum $50,000 if they have a certified accountant certificate which states that they have either earned a gross income of AUD $250,000 p.a. or more over the last two financial years, OR, have net assets exceeding AUD $2,500,000 or more.

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What is a corporate bond?

How do corporate bonds work?

Can I sell a bond?

Extensive offering

Our bond investors have access to more than 2,200 local and international investment grade bonds issued by more than 450 entities including corporations and sovereigns around the world, across 10 currencies, 50 industry groups. Our investors reach opportunities beyond the domestic market. This diversification can enable investors to reduce the overall risk of their investments and better navigate markets. Wholesale investors only1. T&Cs and minimums apply. Subject to risk.

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Important Information

Wholesale Investors Only. T&Cs Apply. Minimums Apply. Subject to Risks.

1. To be eligible for our investment products must qualify as a 'wholesale client'. This means you have a certificate issued by a qualified accountant within the last two years stating:

   • You have a gross income for each of the last two financial years of at least $250,000; or

   • You have net assets of at least $2.5 million.

Alternatively professional investors who are investing $500,000 or more in a single investment are available to access our investment products.