Citi Mobile® Token

Your mobile phone is now your online security device.

Citi Mobile® Token improves your online banking security by providing a secure two-factor authentication. This works by combining 'something that you know' and 'something that you have' (passcode and mobile phone) to ensure that you are the only person who can access your account.


Generate a One-Time PIN without your mobile phone requiring an internet connection or network coverage, providing convenient online banking especially when traveling abroad.


Protected by a 4-digit passcode chosen by you, and restricted to one mobile device of your choice.


Enter your unique passcode to instantly authenticate your transactions initiated in the Citi Mobile® App on your Citi Mobile® Token enabled device.



Citi Mobile® App

When banking through the Citi Mobile® App on your Citi Mobile® Token enabled device, just enter your 4-digit passcode to authenticate transactions.




Citibank Online

When banking on Citibank online, use your Citi Mobile® App to instantly generate a One-Time PIN through your Citi Mobile® Token to authenticate transactions online.


If you do not have a Citibank Online account, please follow the steps below:

1) Register for Citibank Online Banking here.

2) Download the Citi Mobile® App below: