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Gain the Wholesale Client advantage.

Gain the Wholesale
Investor advantage.

Access a global range of investment solutions

As a Wholesale Investor, you would be eligible to take advantage of our range of fixed income products that are exclusive to wholesale investors only.
You will also enjoy access to our range of banking and wealth solutions, including one of the
world’s leading multi-currency solutions.

Get started on your Wholesale Investor advantage.



Qualify as a Wholesale Investor

To qualify and be recognised as a Wholesale Investor, you need to meet one of the following criteria under the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act).

Satisfied product value test

You may still be able to gain access to investment opportunities if you invest AUD 500,000 in one transaction subject to certain criteria.

Accountant-certified Wholesale Investor

Your accountant certifies you have:

  • Earned a gross income of AUD 250,000 p.a. or more over the last two financial years; or
  • Net assets exceeding AUD 2,500,000 or more

Classified as a Professional Investor

You demonstrate evidence of either:

  • Holding an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL); or
  • Controlling gross assets of at least AUD 10,000,000

Experience our Wholesale Investor advantage

Access to a suite of world-class investment opportunities

Access to insights provided by our team of experts

Extensive offerings to suit your investment needs

Multi-Currency Solutions

We offer one of the world’s leading multi-currency solutions, and a range of cash and foreign currency products across a choice of currencies to support your investment activities and portfolio management.

Fixed Income Securities

We have one of the most comprehensive investment-grade bond offerings in the Australian market, and offer fixed income securities across a range of markets as well as security types both domestic and international.

Important considerations

You need to be classified as a wholesale investor in order to access our investment offering. Becoming classified as a wholesale investor may be appropriate for you if you are an experienced investor and able to make informed investment decisions. Wholesale investors generally need to be able to assess the risks involved in financial transactions because the advice process and compliance obligations differ significantly. It is important that you understand the difference between being classified as a wholesale investor and a retail client.

Wholesale investors are not required to receive a Financial Services Guide (FSG), Statement of Advice (SOA) or Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) from their advisor, whereas retail clients must be provided with these documents.

Compared to retail clients, wholesale investors are generally not provided with the same level of consumer protection, as set out in the Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) reforms.

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