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Home Loans

Home loans

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Please note that we are no longer accepting new applications for this product. Our dedicated team is available to support existing customers with any variations and modifications required to your home loan.

Basic Home Loan

A basic low-cost variable rate home loan without ongoing fees.


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Standard Offset Home Loan

Every dollar in your savings account is offset on a daily basis against the balance of your home loan - so you pay less interest on your loan.

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Standard Variable Home Loan

Our variable rate home loan comes with the flexibility to combine with other products such as a Standard Offset or Standard Fixed Home Loan or incorporate the Mortgage Plus Package feature.

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Standard Fixed Home Loan

Receive protection from rate rises and have the peace of mind of knowing just how much you'll pay.


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Optimise your home loan.

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Calculators and Tools

Here you’ll find a range of calculators, planners and tools that will help you crunch the numbers and make it easy to plan your perfect home loan.

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Manage Your Home Loan

We want to make sure your home loan still works for you, long after you’ve moved in. Ensure you're making the most of our products and services.

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