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Standard Offset Home Loan

Standard Offset Home Loan

A home loan that's all about savings.

Please note that we are no longer accepting new applications for this product. Our dedicated team is available to support existing customers with any variations and modifications required to your home loan.

Why choose a Standard Offset Home Loan?

With Standard Offset Home Loan, the savings in your transaction account can be used to offset, or reduce, your total home loan amount meaning you pay less interest each month. Over time these savings can really add up and can also reduce the time it takes to pay off your loan.


With an offset home loan, you could be paying less in interest every month by offsetting up to 100% of your offset home loan.

Available Funds

Having an offset home loan means you’ll have access to available funds in your offset savings account.

Split Accounts

Split up to 4 accounts with a minimum split amount of $20,000 per account.

Loan Combination

Ability to combine with other eligible Home Loans (i.e. Standard Variable and/or Standard Fixed Home Loans under one loan facility).

Debit Card

Offset savings account comes with a debit card for daily use1.

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Home Loan Application Fee - $399

Annual Package Fee - $0

Settlement Fee - $250

Minimum Loan Amount - $350,000

Account Keeping Fees - $8p/m per account

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Important Information

Advertised Home Loan rates are for new, secured loans only and are subject to change at any time. All loans and securities are subject to our credit criteria. Establishment and, where applicable, legal fees apply. Terms and conditions apply and are available on request.

Minimum loan size is $350,000.

1. We charge you an international transaction fee of 2.5% on the AUD dollar conversion of any transaction made in foreign currency. This amount includes a service and assessment fee payable by Citi to the scheme (where applicable). Debit interest charge may also apply when you make a payment that exceeds your available funds or your overdraft limit and we allow the transaction, you will be charged debit interest at the prevailing debit balance interest rate.

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