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Open Banking

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is a service that gives you greater access to and control of your data. The Open Banking service is governed by legislation passed by the Australian Government called Consumer Data Right (CDR) which aims to increase competition between major banks, other financial institutions and accredited third parties.

Benefits of Open Banking

You can authorise us to share your data with accredited third parties, making it easier for you to manage, compare and switch products and services.

Who can share data?

Individual eligibility

Data sharing will be made available to customers who meet the below criteria:

You are registered to use Citi Online or the
Citi Mobile ®App

Over the age of 18

You have an open account with us

From 21 August 2022, data sharing is also available for customers who have joint accounts for eligible products.

Accounts eligibility

Once you have provided your consent to share data, you will be able to securely share your customer data, account data, transaction data, payee data, direct debits and scheduled payments held by us.

Data sharing is currently available for accounts held by individuals, which are open or were closed on or after 1 April 2022 for these product types:

Credit card accounts

Transaction and savings accounts

Term deposits accounts

Home loan accounts

Offset accounts

Personal loan accounts

Line of credit accounts

Rewritten accounts

Individual trust accounts

Please note:

  • For closed accounts, the data shared will relate only to the last 12 months of transactions on the account prior to closure.
  • Data sharing is currently only available to individuals who are primary account holders (including joint account holders).

If you have any enquiries about data sharing from your account, please contact us on 13 24 84 so we can assist further.

Latest UpdatesLatest Updates

The ACCC has granted an exemption to National Australia Bank Ltd (NAB), the issuer of Citi branded credit and financial products, from its obligations to share CDR data for accounts held by non-individuals, partnerships, nominated representatives and secondary users, including Powers of Attorney. This means that currently, customers are not able to share data relating to these accounts. We apologise for any inconvenience. For more information, visit the ACCC Consumer Data Right Exemption Register.

How Data Sharing Works

Provide Data Sharing Consent

To start the authorisation process, you will need to go through the Accredited Data Recipient (ADR) you wish to share your data with, such as another bank or financial institution. Through their data sharing portal, you will be connected to the our authorisation portal to provide your authorisation.

To find out how it works in more detail, please visit Consumer Data Right official website here.

Manage data sharing

Once your data sharing consent has been set up, you can view and revoke your data sharing consent preferences at any time using the Citi Mobile® App or Citi Online data sharing dashboard.

To receive notifications about changes to your data sharing preferences made by you or by other joint account holders you will need to have a valid email address. Please take a moment to log in to your Citi Mobile® App or Citi Online and update your email address.

Citi Mobile App First Step

Step 1. Log in to the Citi Mobile® App and click on the 'Profile and settings' icon on the top left.

Citi Mobile App Second Step

Step 2. Select 'Data Sharing Dashboard' from the 'Settings & more' section

Citi Mobile App Third Step

Step 3. Click the 'Active' button to view active consents. You can search or sort by alphabetical or recent consents.

Citi Online First Step

Step 1. Log in to your Citi Online account and click on 'My Profile' from the 'Services' menu tab in the top menu

Citi Online Second Step

Step 2. Select 'Personal Information' from the menu on the left and then select 'Data Sharing Dashboard'

Citi Online Third Step

Step 3. Click the 'Active' button to view active consents. You can search or sort by alphabetical or recent consents

Sharing Joint accounts

To share your joint account data, data sharing must be enabled from the joint account. Please note that when data sharing is enabled, any account holder can share joint account data at any time. Other account holders are notified.

Please note: From 21 August 2022, all joint accounts are enabled for data sharing by default. You can view and change data sharing preferences for your joint accounts at any time using Citi Online or the Citi Mobile® App.

Data sharing preferences

Data sharing preferences is where you can enable or disable data sharing for a joint accounts at an account level. This will determine whether data can be shared from a given joint account.

Go to your 'Data sharing dashboard' in your Citi Mobile® App or Citi Online account, then:

  • Click on 'Joint account management' tab
  • Click on 'Data sharing preferences'
  • Select the joint account you would like to manage.

To disable data sharing for a joint account, click 'Disable'. The change will take place immediately and other joint account holders will be notified.

To enable data sharing for a joint account, click 'Enable'. A request for approval will be sent to the other account holder(s). They will need to approve the request within 3 days for data sharing to be enabled from the joint account.

View and manage other joint account holders’ data sharing arrangements for your joint accounts.

Go to your ‘Data sharing dashboard’ in your Citi Mobile® App or Citi Online account, then:

  • Click on the 'Joint account management' tab
  • Click on 'Data sharing management'
  • Select the consent you want to view

To stop sharing joint account data in a particular sharing arrangement click "Stop joint account data sharing in this arrangement" button at the bottom of the details page.

Please note, this will only stop sharing joint account data in this particular sharing arrangement.

It will not impact other account sharing in the same consent or disable future data sharing from the joint account(s).

Data sharing management

Your privacy and security

We are committed to providing a secure environment to all customers across all our channels, including our Open Banking service. Your data will only be shared to Accredited Data Recipients (ADRs) with your permission and authority. You can view the list of Accredited Data Recipients here. You will also be able to view the data you share or request for your data sharing consent to be stopped at any time. Read our CDR Policy.