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Getting Started

Now you're a Citibank customer, find out how you can activate your card,
set up online banking, register for Citi Alerts and more.


    You'll need to activate your new Citibank Debit card before you can use it.

    It's easy, all you need to do is log in to the Citi Mobile® App, tap on 'Profile & Settings' and select 'Card Activation'

    If you do not have the Citi Mobile® App, download it here.


    Switching to Citibank has never been easier.

    You can swap all your regular payments and salary from your old bank to your new Citibank Plus everyday account in four simple steps.

    Step 1:

    Open a Citibank Plus account (if you already have an account skip to step 2).

    Apply for Australia's only completely fee free Citibank Plus everyday bank account online in minutes.


    Step 2:

    Complete the Regular Payment and Salary Switching forms.

    By providing this information, it gives Citibank permission to identify all your regular incoming and outgoing payments as well as transfer your salary into your new account.

    Step 3:

    Return the forms to Citibank:

    • Scan and email the completed forms to
    • Post the completed forms to the reply paid address:
      Citibank, Reply Paid, Box 3483, Sydney NSW 2001.

    Step 4:

    Close your old bank accounts.

    Monitor your old bank accounts and once all your regular payments and salary have been switched to your new Citibank Plus everyday account, close your old accounts.

    Helpful hints

    • The switching service only applies to your regular debit and credit payments. You will personally need to organise any periodical payments, BPAY payments, internet banking 'Pay anyone' payments and scheme debit arrangements from your old account to you new Citibank account.
    • The bank you are switching from will send us a copy of your regular payments list. We will provide this list to you for your records. Keep this list handy and use it to track which regular payments have been switched.
    • For a partial switch: when you receive your regular payment list please indicate which regular payments you would like us to request to switch on your behalf. You can do this by placing a tick next to the regular payment. Please return a copy of this list to us. Once we receive this list we will progress your switching request.
    • We will contact your regular payment providers on your behalf. These providers may contact you to confirm this request.
    • It takes approximately four weeks to switch all direct debits and credits. This may be longer if you have a large number of direct debits and credits set up.
    • If a regular payment takes longer than four weeks to switch, we recommend contacting the payment provider directly to discuss the request.



    Register for Citibank Online

    Online banking has never been easier with Citibank Online, manage your accounts, pay your bills or transfer funds.


    Download the Citi Mobile App

    Enjoy the convenience of banking anytime, anywhere with Citibank Mobile App. Transfer funds, check your account balance and access a range of exclusive features available only to Citibank customers.


    Register for Citi Alerts

    Citi Alerts are a great way to keep track of your account activity via free email and SMS notifications.


    Register for eStatements

    You can quickly and easily register for eStatements through Citibank Online and reduce the amount of mail you receive in your post box. Your statements are stored securely online and available at anytime for quick reference.



    Your Citibank Online Saver can be linked to one other bank account, which you specified at the time of application. This is called your Nominated Linked Account, and once it is activated, you can transfer money from your Citibank Online Saver to this account as you please.

    Do I need to activate my account?

    • Your linked account is another Citibank account: No need to activate, you can begin making withdrawals as you please.
    • Your linked account is held with another bank: For your security, you'll need to activate this account before you can withdraw funds from your Citibank Online Saver. Here's how:


    Step 1:Log on to your bank's internet banking service

    Step 2: Make an online money transfer from the nominated linked account to your Citibank Online Saver

    Step 3: After five working days, you can make withdrawals from your Citibank Online Saver to your Nominated Linked Account.


    The easiest way to achieve your savings goals is to 'set and forget' your savings. It's simple to set up a Regular Savings Plan, and if you set it to match your payday, your savings may grow without you noticing.

    It's simple to do:

    Step 1: Log in to Citibank Online and select 'Payments & Transfers'

    Step 2: Go to 'Citibank Online Saver Transfer'

    Step 3: Select the amount you'd like to transfer, on what dates and with what frequency

    Step 4: Make sure you press 'Make this recurring' before submitting.


    Streamline your banking with a consolidated view of your Citibank accounts. Global View of Accounts lets you see an overview of your Citibank account balances, in selected countries, via Citibank Online using a single login.

    This service is available between eligible Citibank accounts in the following countries:

    • Australia
    • China
    • Hong Kong (view only)
    • India - NRI (view only)
    • Indonesia
    • Malaysia
    • Philippines
    • Singapore
    • IPB Singapore
    • Taiwan (view only)
    • Thailand
    • UAE
    • United States (view only)





    CitiPhone is a convenient and easy way to do your banking over the phone. Manage your banking on the go, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.

    You can:

    • Activate your card
    • Check your balance
    • Review your recent transaction history
    • Transfer money
    • Receive an Online Authorisation Code (OAC)
    • Pay a bill via BPAY®
    • Change your Telephone PIN
    • Request a cheque book
    • Check the status of a cheque
    • Register your Tax File Number


    Getting started is simple, contact CitiPhone Self-Service Banking on 13 24 84 (or +61 2 8225 0615 if you're calling from overseas), all you need is:

    • Your Citibank card or your account number;
    • Your Telephone Personal Identification Number (TPIN), if you do not have a TPIN please call us on 13 24 84.