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The move to NAB

Home Loans


About the changes

NAB has been the provider of your products since 1 June 2022. As the next phase of our journey, Citi branded home loan accounts will be moved to a similar NAB branded home loan account. This is expected to occur on 24 February 2024, and we’ll give you notice before we move your loan(s) to your NAB branded account.

If you hold other Citi branded accounts, including a transaction, savings and/or offset account, investment, credit card or personal loan, you will continue to receive separate communications about changes ahead of time. Your home loan will continue to operate as it currently does up until this point.

For credit card and personal lending accounts you can continue to use your account as normal. If there are changes to these accounts, we will let you know ahead of time.

If you have questions about these changes, please explore our FAQs below.

Home loan products include


Standard Variable

Standard Fixed

Standard Offset and Revolving loan

What happens next

To ensure you’re prepared, we'll keep you informed and provide information and guides to help you set up NAB Internet Banking and the NAB app. From November 2023, you will receive further information about the changes. Here’s how to recognise genuine communications from us.






  • 1. Notice of change

    We'll explain what is changing and provide full terms and conditions and fees guide.

  • 2. NAB branded account information

    You’ll receive your NAB branded account and Internet Banking login information ahead of time. Where we match you to an existing NAB Internet Banking profile, you can continue to use your existing NAB login details.

  • 3. NAB branded debit card
    (if applicable to your product)

    We’ll issue a NAB branded debit card for each migrated account that currently has a Citi branded debit card.

  • 4. Account transfer to NAB reminder

    We'll send you a reminder about your upcoming account transfer.

  • 5. Confirmation of account transfer

    You’ll receive confirmation from NAB that your funds transfer is complete.

Changes after your home loan has moved

There will be some changes to the way you access and manage your loan. Specifically:

Some account details will change icon

Some account details will change

  • The name of your home loan will change to the NAB branded home loan you are moving to
  • Your BSB and account number will be different
  • If you currently have a Citi branded debit card attached to your home loan, you will receive a NAB branded debit card with an updated card number for each Citi branded account that currently has a Citi branded debit card. For security purposes, if your postal address is outside of Australia, we’ll contact you to advise the next steps.
Changes to how you can access and manage your account icon

Changes to how you can access and manage your account:

You will have the option to access your accounts via NAB Internet Banking or the NAB app and speak directly with NAB customer service teams when you need support. You’ll also have access to a wide network of NAB branches.

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What you need to do:

As soon as possible:

  • Make sure your contact details and communication preferences (consent to contact) are up to date so we can contact you. You can update these details via the Citi Mobile App or Citi Online. Visit our help guide for instructions.
  • If you already bank online with NAB, please check your contact details and consent preferences are up to date. You can do this in NAB Internet Banking. Ensuring your details are up to date will help us match your Citi and NAB profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Communications and contact


App, Online Banking and Data Sharing





Financial Claim Scheme




International Payments



My account changes

Changes to deposit products (FX offsale)


Terms and Conditions

Have questions?

If you still have questions, you can call us on 13 24 84 or +61 2 8225 0615 if calling from overseas.

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