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Citi Global Currency Account

Citi Global Currency Account

Following the sale of the Citi consumer banking business to National Australia Bank Limited (NAB), Citi branded transaction and savings accounts are no longer available to open.

If you have any questions about your Citi Global Currency Account, please visit Transition to NAB.


Additional information

Foreign currency accounts can no longer be added via the Citibank Currency Wallet within the Citi Mobile® App, following the ‘Add Currency’ prompts from 21 March 2023.


Call the world home.

Spend, send and receive a world of currencies instantly – with your Citi Global Currency Account you have the freedom to pay like a local, even when you aren't.

All-in-one global account solution

Consolidate your international accounts into one place, with accounts for up to 10 currencies.

Instantly exchange currencies

Switch currencies on the go via the Citi Mobile® App to pay like a local when overseas, or to take advantage of currency movements. 

Send and receive foreign currency

Receive money from friends, family or overseas investments (such as rent from a property) in 10 currencies and hold it until you wish to exchange it.

Earn 2.20% interest

If you have at least $25,000 in your Australian Dollar account, you’ll earn 2.20% p.a. interest, with no withdrawal fees, and interest paid monthly. 


Benefits and


Control your exchange rate

Access excellent exchange rates, updated every 10 seconds, to give you control over the best time to change your money.


No fees to send and receive money*

We wont charge you any transfer fees to send or receive money, plus no ATM fees when withdrawing in local currency.

*Receiving bank may charge a fee.


Make purchases in foreign currency

Shop online, in-store or overseas with your Citi Debit Card and in your chosen currency to save on international transaction fees.

Access accounts for 10 currencies

With a Citi Global Currency Account, you'll have accounts for 10 currencies in one place.


Hold and exchange with no wait

Receive and hold up to 10 currencies and move money between them instantly at an excellent exchange rate for immediate use.






Available Currencies

In addition to AUD, you can hold and transact in the following currencies:



Does the Citi Global Currency Account have any fees?



Is there a monthly service fee or minimum balance required? No, there isn't a monthly account keeping fee or a minimum balance required.
Are there any ATM fees? No, we won’t charge any fees, but the ATM operator you use may.
Are there any fees when sending money (Australia or overseas)? No, we won’t charge any fees, but the bank that's receiving the money may.
Are there any fees when receiving money (Australia or overseas)? No, we won’t charge any fees, but the bank that's sending the money may.
Are there any fees when making overseas purchases? No, there are no foreign transaction fees on this account.
Is there a fee for closing my account? No, but we’d be sad to see you go.

Note: if an account is closed with a balance of less than AUD $5 (or equivalent in another currency), the credit balance will not be returned to you. Refer to your account Terms and Conditions for more information.
Is there a fee if my account is overdrawn? No, but you will not be able to make more purchases until a positive balance is restored.
Do I earn interest on the account? Yes, you can earn interest on your Australian Dollar currency account based on the account balance.
Balance (AUD) Interest Rate
Less than $25,000 No interest
From $25,000 2.20% p.a.


Need more information? 

If you have any more questions about your Citi Global Currency Account, please contact us.

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Important Information

This account is no longer from sale, effective 24 November 2022.

National Australia Bank Limited (ABN 12 004 044 937, AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 230686) (“NAB”), is the issuer of Citi branded financial products. NAB has acquired the business relating to these products from Citigroup Pty Limited (ABN 88 004 325 080, AFSL and Australian credit licence 238098) (“Citi”) and has appointed Citi to provide transitional services.

NAB is an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (“ADI”). Under the Australian Government’s Financial Claims Scheme your AUD deposits with NAB may be guaranteed up to $250,000 per account holder per ADI. Citigroup Pty Limited holds no deposits. The Scheme does not apply to your non-AUD deposits.

“Citi”, “Citibank”, “Citigroup”, the Arc design and all similar trade marks and derivations thereof are used temporarily under licence by NAB from Citigroup Inc. and related group entities.

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