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At Citi, we provide you with specialist product options, as well as global expertise, to ensure you make the right call about your investments.
So take control now, learn more about what we offer, and together we can discover the best way to manage and grow your wealth.

Bonds allow you to invest by loaning money to governments and companies. In return, you receive regular interest payments based on your investment, as well as your original investment amount at the end of the bond term. Much like shares, bonds can be sold before maturity. And, corporate bonds in particular, are a great way of lowering your risk and ensuring a consistent stream of income.



We will work with you to choose bonds that suit your investment and diversification goals:

Risk Profile Suitability: Low to High
Minimum Investment: $50,000
Return Profile: Income, Capital Growth


Our Bonds are designed to suit eligible investors. Discover if you qualify today. 

How Citi can help you

We offer over 2,200 bonds across multiple industries and currencies, that are supported by extensive research from our research analysts based across our global network.

  • Extensive offering of both investment grade and high yield bonds, as well as hybrids, from an extensive range of global and local issuers
  • Choice of currencies - available in 10 major currencies


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Features and Benefits

  • Citi has the ability to access global fixed income opportunities that are not available at other Australian wealth management providers.

  • Our list of over 2,200 available bonds includes 1,200 international bonds and 200 high-conviction calls.

  • We can facilitate investments diversified across geographies, sectors, currencies and credit quality.

Fixed Income investments offer: 

  • a predictable income stream

  • a higher level of security to most investment classes

  • portfolio diversification; and

  • potential for capital growth in certain circumstances.

Potential Risks

While bonds are considered to be less risky than many other investments, they do carry a level of risk. Things to consider include: 

  • Bonds are loans made to a corporate or government entity (the issuer). The creditworthiness of the issuer is a key component in the risk level of the bond, with high-quality issuers less likely to default.

  • Interest rates have an inverse relationship with bonds. Rising interest rates generally mean the market value of a bond will fall and vice-versa.

  • Inflation may erode the value of a bond’s income payments over the life of the debt instrument, especially if you hold a bond for the long term.

  • All bonds offered through Citibank have been independently assessed as being of investment-grade quality.

Here in Australia, we love property investing, as it is familiar territory and you can physically see your investment. One of the attractive qualities is that property can be a good long-term investment option, as part of building your retirement nest egg or diversifying your investment portfolio. 



Our competitive Home Loan rates allow you to focus on finding the perfect investment property. 

  • Risk Profile Suitability: Moderate to High
  • Minimum Loan Size: $350,000
  • Return Profile: Income, Capital Growth 


Want to learn more?

Check out our Home Loan Products to find one that suits your needs. 

Our Home Loan Tools and Calculators will help you understand your borrowing power.


How Citi can help you

Our Mortgage Specialists, or your Citigold Relationship Manager, will guide you through the home loan process, providing a supported and seamless experience.


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We would love to talk to you about the opportunities property can bring to your portfolio.


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Structured Investments can go by different names, Structured Products (SP's), structured solutions or structured notes. It's a package of investments, typically a deposit and an option, which when combined, become income bearing with exposure to a range of either equity stocks/markets, commodities or currencies. They can be designed to perform in rising, flat and declining markets.



Structured products are flexible investments that provide eligible investors with the potential to out-perform traditional investments, and customised risk-return payoffs that are suitable for varying risk appetites. They can be designed to provide investors access to global equities, funds, rates and commodities.

Risk Profile Suitability: Moderate to High
Minimum Investment: $50,000
Return Profile: Income, Capital Growth


Our Structured Investments are designed to suit eligible investors. Discover if you qualify today.


How Citi can help you

Working with your Citigold Relationship Manager, you will gain access to a range of high-quality, customised and fully-vetted tailored investment solutions from providers worldwide. 


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Want to learn more about Structured Investments?

Cash is not king

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Grow your wealth and reduce risk

Options that can grow your wealth in a low interest rate environment.

Features and Benefits

Structured products are flexible investments that provide eligible investors with: 

  • The potential to our-perform traditional investments.

  • Exposure to different asset classes and investment strategies, as well as local and international markets.

  • Customised risk-return payoffs that are suitable for varying risk appetites.

  • Diversification and a defined return profile. They can be designed to provide returns in rising, flat and even falling markets.

Potential Risks

Structured products carry different levels of risk, depending on the composition of the issue you invest in. Structured products carry a range of risks, including but not limited to: 

  • The performance of an underlying asset or asset group significantly under-performing expectations, thereby reducing the expected return on the investment and including the potential for loss of capital.

  • The issuer becomes insolvent, in which case the holder of a structured product will be treated as an unsecured creditor.

  • Structured products are complex and it is important for you to understand how the investment would perform under a range of market situations before making the decision to invest. The Product Disclosure Statement for each structured product will provide a full list of the risks each is exposed to.

Term Deposits (also known as time deposits) provide you with a pre-set rate of return over a set time period. This give you the security of knowing exactly what your cash will give you, but it means that the money is generally locked away for the duration of the term deposit.



Earn guaranteed returns on your investment with competitive Term Deposit rates over different time periods. Plus you have the option to invest in Australian Dollars or across a range of currencies. 

Risk Profile Suitability: Low
Minimum Investment: $10,000
Return Profile: Income


Check out our Term Deposit rates here


How Citi can help you

You can open a Term Deposit as an individual, jointly, through a Family Trust or Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). Speak to us if you would like to open yours another way.


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Foreign Currencies offer you a world of investing opportunities. Managing currency exposure within a portfolio is an important part of a wealth management plan. It can both protect and enhance returns while improving risk management.



When you include foreign exchange and currencies in your portfolio you can enhance your yields, hedge your exposures or find ways to invest systematically in foreign currencies. 

Risk Profile Suitability: Moderate to High
Minimum Investment: USD$20,000
Return Profile: Income, Capital Growth


Interested in the latest currency conversion rates?

Check out our Convert Currency calculator here.

How Citi can help you

Our multi-lingual team of specialists will work with you to devise and implement FX strategies that seek to meet your needs. We can offer you access to real time exchange rates, competitive pricing for international transfers, sophisticated global limit order monitoring, market transparency, efficient execution and timely settlement on currencies and services. 

We would love to talk to you about the opportunities Foreign Currency can bring to your portfolio. 


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Citi Australia combines more than 200 years of Citigroup’s investment expertise, as well as the knowledge derived from operating in 160+ countries around the world, with the tireless support of Australian-based Relationship Managers and Investment Specialists. Access local experts that can help you invest with your self-managed super fund. We can help you go beyond just self-managing to self-mastering it.



Work with your Relationship Manager to build a multi-asset portfolio across equities, property, cash, bonds and structured investments, in Australia and internationally. 


Our Bonds and Structured Investments are designed to suit eligible investors. Discover if you qualify today.

How Citi can help you

Your Relationship Manager and our team of investment specialists will work with you to identify growth paths to achieve your long term wealth goals. Our access to high-quality investment solutions from providers worldwide will be at your disposal, and can be tailored to your requirements. 

We provide the opportunities, you make the decisions.


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