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Compare Australian Everyday Bank Accounts

Our transaction bank accounts are designed to make your day to day banking easy, wherever you are in the world.

Compare some of the benefits of the Citibank Plus Account and the Citi Global Currency Account below:


Citibank Plus Account

Citi Global Currency Account

No Citi fees for debit card purchases overseas1

No Citi fees for ATM transactions worldwide

No Citi fees for sending and receiving money worldwide1

Receive a Mastercard® debit card

Earn interest on your savings in Australian Dollars2


Hold and convert multiple foreign currencies in your account 




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The Citibank Dining Program is available to Citi Customers of both of these bank accounts.

Through the Citibank Dining Program, Citi customers can enjoy a free bottle of wine every time they dine at partner restaurants and pay using their Citi debit or credit card, as well as take advantage of some amazing food, wine and retail offers.

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Things you should know:

1. Additional fees may apply from other financial institutions

2. Interest rates for the Citi Global Currency Account can be found here