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Saving for a holiday

Getting Started

Create a Savings Plan

When you have a budget to work towards, check out our savings calculator to work out a savings plan to achieve your target before you set off. It can be motivating to see the savings pile up so check in regularly and look forward to a debt-free holiday.

Check out our savings calculator

Grow Your Savings

Think about putting your money where it will earn interest, such as a savings account. Our Online Saver account is a fee-free savings account with no minimum balance and even comes with an introductory interest rate to give your holiday funds a boost.

More about our Online Saver account

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Citibank Online Saver

Take the first step towards making your dream holiday a reality. Set up a Citibank Online Saver account and see how quickly you can achieve your savings goal with our specialised high interest savings account.

Helpful Hints

  • Working out your holiday budget.

    Once you've chosen a destination, you can begin to work out how much you'll need to save to cover the costs. Some costs are relatively straight forward to work out, while others may require a bit of research - searching online is usually a good place to start.

    Some of the costs to consider include;

    -  Flights

    -  Accommodation

    -  Food and drink

    -  Transport (airport transfers, car hire, etc.)

    -  Entertainment

    -  Tours / Sightseeing fees

    -  Shopping (holiday clothes, toiletries, etc.)

    -  Travel insurance

See how quickly your savings could grow.

Check our savings calculator

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