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Travelling Overseas

Please make sure you update your mobile number in Citi Online when travelling overseas, so we can reach you if we detect any irregular transactions on your account.

Before you Travel

Ensure you have done the following before you travel

Travel Tips

Set up Easi-Pay

Set up Easi-Pay which will ensure your minimum repayments or full closing balance are made by the due date each month. You can keep this service when you come back too. Click here to set up Easi-Pay today.

Set up Mobile Wallet

Be prepared with an easy and convenient payment alternative in the event your cards are lost or stolen overseas. Turn your mobile phone into a mobile wallet and experience a faster, more convenient way to pay. Learn more >


This Government website has handy travel tips, advice and all the latest travel advisory warnings.

Keep your card safe

Keep an eye on your card at all times, we encourage you to always pay at the terminal when paying bills in restaurants and other places. Ensure that the merchant only swipes your card through one machine and if you suspect fraudulent behaviour call us straight away on 13 24 84 if in Australia or +61 2 8225 0615 when overseas.

Don't make a record of your PIN number and we encourage you not to use your birth date or any other personal details that could be easily determined.

Don't leave your card in unsecured locations such as in unaccompanied luggage.