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How to set up your Citi Global Currency Account

Just opened a Citi Global Currency Account
and excited to get going?

Here’s a guide to setting up your account so you can start using it in Australia as well as abroad, for shopping online, sending/receiving money worldwide, converting currency, and much more.

Viewing your account

Once your account has been opened, you’ll be able to view your account(s), transfer money and more through Citi Online and the Citi Mobile® App.

  • If you already created a username and password during your application (or applied as an existing Citi customer), simply use your existing credentials to Sign On to Citi Online.
  • If you did not create a username and password during your application, you will receive an SMS with an Internet Access Number (IAN) when your account is opened - you can use your IAN to create login credentials before your debit card arrives, or wait and use your 16-digit card number instead. Register for Citi Online now.

Transferring money into your account

You’ll need to deposit money into your account before you can use it. The easiest way to do this is by depositing money online - if you are transferring money from:

A transaction account held with an Australian financial institution, use BSB code 242-200 l Biller code 49502.

An overseas bank account, use SWIFT/BIC code NATAAU34

Or, one of your other Citi accounts:

  • Sign On to Citi Online, click on the "Payments & Transfers" tab, enter your One-Time-PIN then follow the prompts.
  • Sign On to the Citi Mobile® App, click on the "Payments" tab, then "Payments & Transfers", enter your PIN, and follow the prompts.

Using your debit card

Whether you’ve added one currency or ten, you’ll only need one debit card to access your Citi Global Currency Account:

  • If you already have a debit card from another Citi account, great news - no need to wait! Simply link the existing card to your new Global Currency Account to start using it immediately:
    • Citi Online Sign On Services Debit Card Linkage.
    • Citi Mobile® App Sign On Profile & Settings (icon on top left) Debit Card Linkage.
  • If you don’t have a Citi debit card already, you’ll receive one in the mail within 5-7 days of account opening. Once you receive it, simply activate it and set your PIN:
    • Citi Online Sign On Services / My Profile My Profile Card Activation.
    • Citi Mobile® App Sign On Profile & Settings (icon on top left) Card Activation.

By default, your card will be linked to your Australian dollar currency account. If you would like to change this, simply follow the steps above for changing debit card linkage.

Managing your currencies

Citi Smart Wallet is an optional currency matching service that helps you pay like a local and avoid unnecessary currency conversions when using your Citi Global Currency Account.

Smart Wallet detects the currency being charged and automatically applies the transaction to the matching currency account if available.

There’s no need to manually link your debit card to a different currency account each time you pay/shop/checkout/withdraw money - Smart Wallet will work whether you’re making a purchase (online and in-store) or using an ATM.

Helpful tip: When Smart Wallet is turned on, you can add currency accounts and move money between them instantly in the Citi Mobile® App.

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