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Sending money overseas with Citi

Need to send money overseas?

Citi’s global network allows you to send money worldwide at excellent exchange rates.

Log in to the Citi Mobile® App or Citibank Online to make a transfer now. Here's how:

Through Citibank Online

1. Click the Payments & Transfers tab
2. Enter your One-Time PIN
3. Follow the prompts

Want to add a payee?

1. Click the Payments & Transfers tab
2. Enter your One-Time PIN
3. Click Add a Payee
4. Follow the prompts

Through the Citi Mobile® App

1. Tap the Payments tab
2. Tap Transfers & Payments
3. Enter your PIN
4. Follow the prompts

Want to add a payee?

1. Tap the Payments tab
2. Tap Manage Payments & Payees
3. Tap Add/Manage Payees
4. Enter your PIN
5. Tap Add Payee
6. Tap Overseas Payees
7. Follow the prompts

Screenshot of Citi mobile app showing dashboard of Citi Global Currency account

Options for sending money overseas


  Citibank Online Transfers Citibank Global Transfers
Where can I transfer to? To any domestic or international account using the SWIFT network To any Citibank account in 18 participating countries:

Bahrain, China, Hong Kong, India1, Indonesia, Jersey, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE, United Kingdom and United States.
When will funds be transferred? Within 72 hours Instant
Is there a fee? No - Citi won’t charge any fees, but the recipient’s bank may No
Is there a daily online transfer limit? Yes - AUD$100,000 (or foreign currency equivalent)

Note: You may have a different online transfer limit if you request or have previously requested to change it. Limits do not apply when you are transferring between your own Citibank accounts.
1Citi India can only accept incoming CGT transactions into NRE (Non-Resident External) and NRO (Non-Resident Ordinary) rupee checking accounts.

Transferring money to international accounts

How does Citi make money if it doesn’t charge a fee?

Like most banks and money transfer providers, Citi earns a margin on the exchange rate when money is converted. Unlike most banks and money transfer providers, Citi does not charge a transfer fee in addition to margin.

So, what is margin? You can think of margin as a “mark-up” on the market (or interbank) rate - the difference between what a currency provider pays to buy a currency (from the foreign exchange market) and what it charges you for the currency.

Despite not charging fees, Citi still maintains some of the country’s lowest margins (i.e. offers customers some of the best exchange rates). See for yourself.

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Using your account

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