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Self-master your self-managed super fund

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Citi Australia combines more than 200 years of Citigroup’s investment expertise, as well as the knowledge derived from operating in 160+ countries around the world, with the tireless support of Australian-based Relationship Managers and Investment Specialists.

Access local experts that can help you invest with your self-managed super fund. We can help you go beyond just self-managing to self-mastering it.

Up to 2-6%p.a.1

return with Bonds

Achieve higher returns, with less risk than shares. Wholesale investors only.2 T&C apply.


interest on cash balances

Balances from $25,000 with the Citi Global Currency Account3. T&C apply.

Ways we can help you

Predictable income


We can open up a whole world of unique, personalised investment products that generate an income in ways you may not have known you could, including:

Bonds and fixed income2

• Bonds are less volatile than shares.

• You can choose from over 2,200 bonds, from a specialist in fixed income investments, across multiple currencies and industries.

• You can gain access to investment and high yield bonds as well as hybrids, from an extensive range of global and local issuers.


Structured investments2

• Customised risk-return payoffs that are suitable for varying risk appetites.

• Structured investments can be tailored for you, allowing you to invest in what you’re interested in.


Learn more about Bonds and Structured Investments

Your experience


At Citi, clients come first. 

The experience you'll receive

Understanding you: Your Relationship Manager will work with you to identify paths for managing your risk and achieving your long-term objectives.

Setting the foundations: Our experts will support you with rich global research and insights.

Tailored product solutions: Choose from a range of custom-made investment products to suit your objectives.

Ongoing education and support: Access a world of exclusive educational events, seminars and networking opportunities.

Strategies to Self-Master your SMSF





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Resilient investments to guard against volatile times
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Explore how we can help you with your SMSF  Request a call

A Citi Global Currency Account, with no monthly or withdrawal fees, will help you manage your investments, whilst earning 0.70% p.a. interest monthly on balances from AUD$25,000 while you decide your next investment. T&C apply.

Hear from Citi Australia's investment specialists

Image of Leonie Di Lorenzo - SMSF specialist

Leonie Di Lorenzo 
SMSF specialist

“The smart money plays a long term game – SMSFs shouldn’t try to time markets, they should build a diversified portfolio that can weather economic shocks.”

Image of Gofran Chowdhury - Head of Banking and Wealth Management Distribution

Gofran Chowdhury
Head of Wealth Management Distribution

“The face of investing in Australia has shifted dramatically in the last few years. Investors chasing yield should look beyond equities, property and cash to see how other asset classes can help deliver sustainable income.”

Image of Nandita D'Souza - Head of Investment Specialists

Nandita D'Souza
Head of Investment Specialists

“Retirees face a unique dual-challenge today, with record low interest rates and the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. It’s never been more important to seek investment insight.”

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Important information

1. Investment grade bond returns range from 2-3% p.a. High yield bonds range from 4-6%.

2. Wholesale Investors Only. T&Cs Apply. Minimums Apply. Subject to Risks.

Investments are not deposits, not government insured, not a bank guarantee and subject to investment risk including the possible loss of principal amount invested.

To be eligible for our investment products, you must qualify as a 'wholesale client'. This means you have a certificate issued by a qualified accountant within the last two years stating:

   • You have a gross income for each of the last two financial years of at least $250,000; or

   • You have net assets of at least $2.5 million.

Alternatively professional investors who are investing $530,000 or more in a single investment are available to access our investment products.

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