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Privacy Consent

Spot. Buy Now, Pay Later is issued by Spot Ventures, a division of Diners Club Pty Ltd (ABN 35 004 343 051), part of the NAB group of companies. National Australia Bank Limited (ABN 12 004 044 937) (“NAB”) has acquired Diners Club Pty Ltd from the Citigroup group of companies and NAB administers the product. Whilst some of the features or services include the “Citi” name, such as the Citi Mobile® App, the service is provided by NAB. “Citi”, “Citibank”, “Citigroup”, the Arc design and all similar trademarks and derivations thereof are used temporarily under licence by NAB from Citigroup Inc. and related group entities.

In this Privacy and Consent Notification, ‘we/us/our’ means (collectively, or separately where the context requires):

  • Diners Club Pty Limited ('Diners');
  • National Australia Bank Limited ('NAB');
  • Citigroup Pty Limited ('Citi') and each company related to the above that assists in the provision of Spot services.

'You/your' means existing customers, or prospective customers named in this application, whether your application is successful or not.

Purposes for which we collect, use and disclose your personal information:

1) We may collect, use and disclose your personal information (which may include your credit information):

  • to assess this application and future applications and to administer your credit facilities and related services;
  • to conduct reviews of your facility;
  • to identify you; we may provide your name, residential address, date of birth and government related identifiers such as driver licence number, passport details and Medicare details to be checked with a credit reporting body, document issuer, third party databases (such as Electoral Roll, Medicare, or official record holder via third party systems);
  • to comply with applicable laws both in Australia and overseas including:
    (a) the National Consumer Credit Protection Act;
    (b) the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act (AML Act);
    (c) State and Territory property legislation and other property-related laws (for example, if relevant to register and search for security interests);
  • business purposes which may include detecting and preventing fraud and other risks to us and our customers, responding to inquiries about applications, accounts or other products, services or arrangements; and in dealing with complaints;
  • to contact you about products and offers from time to time; and
  • for other purposes as listed in our respective Privacy Policies and Credit Reporting Policies (see “Our Policies”).

If you do not provide us with the information, we may not be able to assess your application or administer the products or services that you are seeking.

2) We usually collect your personal information directly from you. However, we may need to collect personal information about you from third parties for example, in order to assist us to process your application or to locate or communicate with you.

3) Where you have provided information about another individual, you must make them aware of that fact and the contents of this Privacy Consent and Notification, and have obtained their consent to make this disclosure to us.

4) Your telephone calls and conversations with a customer service representative may be recorded and monitored for quality, training and verification purposes.

Disclosures of your personal information

5) We may disclose to, and obtain personal information about you (as well as otherwise permitted by the Privacy Act) from:

  • Our affiliates, sales agents and organisations that carry out functions on our behalf including card schemes, mailing houses, printers, data processors, researchers, administration or business management services, consultants, auditors, marketing service providers, data, document management providers and collection agents; 
  • reward providers including Airline partners and their service providers;
  • between us (being NAB, Citi and Diners);
  • other credit providers;
  • any signatory or guarantor to the facility for which you are applying;
  • any broker, introducer, financial, legal or other adviser acting in connection with your facility or application;
  • regulatory and tax authorities in Australia and overseas;
  • credit reporting bodies (see 'Exchange of information with credit reporting bodies' below)
  • we may disclose your sensitive information between us (being NAB, Citi and Diners)
  • any external dispute resolution body;
  • any insurer relating to your facility;
  • organisations wishing to acquire an interest in any part of our business; and
  • as further set out in our respective Privacy Policies (as applicable) (See “Our Policies”)

Identifying You for the purposes of the AML Act

6) We may provide your name, residential address and date of birth to a credit reporting body for the purpose of verifying your identity in accordance with the requirements of the AML Act which is not a credit check. As part of providing that information to the credit reporting body, we may request the credit reporting body to provide an assessment of whether the personal information matches (in whole or part) personal information held by the credit reporting body.

The credit reporting body may prepare and provide an assessment to us and may use the names, residential addresses and dates of birth held by the credit reporting body, for the purpose of preparing such an assessment. Although you have agreed to us making this request and disclosure of your personal information for this purpose, if you don’t wish for us to use this method to verify your identity, you may contact us.

Disclosures to overseas recipients

7) Some of the recipients to whom we disclose your personal information may be based overseas. It is not practicable to list every country in which such recipients are located. For a list of countries where such recipients are located, refer to;

Exchange of information with credit reporting bodies (CRB) and other information services

8) If you have made an application for consumer credit, or have obtained consumer credit from us, you agree that we can obtain credit reporting information about you from a credit reporting body (CRB) for the purposes of assessing any application for consumer credit and collecting payments that are overdue in relation to consumer credit.

9) We may exchange personal information about you (including credit information, such as details about the date you opened (and closed) a credit account, credit limits, your repayment history, any temporary or permanent hardship arrangements and details relating to any defaults or serious credit infringements). More information about our use and disclosure of credit information is contained in the NAB Group Credit Reporting Policy (Attachment 1 of the NAB Group Privacy Policy). This policy also contains information about how you can access and correct your information; lodge an enquiry or complaint; and contact the credit reporting bodies that we deal with.

Our Policies (including how to access and correct information and make a complaint)

10) You can view the NAB Group Privacy Policy and Credit Reporting Policy at

National Australia Bank Limited (ABN 12 004 044 937) (“NAB”) acquired Diners Club Pty Ltd from the Citigroup group of companies. NAB has appointed Citi to assist distribute and administer the Diners Club products, facilities and services. You can view the Citi Privacy Policy at

These policies include information as to how you can access and/or seek correction of the personal information we hold about you, and how you can complain about our handling of your information and how we will deal with such a complaint.

There is no charge for making an access request, but an administration fee may apply for providing access in accordance with your request. Your request will usually receive a response within 30 days.

Your Marketing Communications Preferences

11) By completing this application, you agree that we, our affiliate companies, our partners and agents may use your personal information to keep you informed about offers relating to this product and other products, services and offers which may be of interest to you. We/they may do this by phone, mail, email, SMS and/or other electronic messages. These consents shall remain in effect unless and until any user of the email address or mobile number linked to your account notifies us that you/they do not want to receive such communications. If you do not wish to receive these communications, please utilise the unsubscribe facility in the communication received or otherwise notify us in writing or call us.

Note: If you have not told us that you do not wish to receive these communications by phone, you may be contacted even if you have registered your phone number on the national Do Not Call Register.

Call recording

Your telephone calls and conversations with our representative may be recorded and monitored for quality, training and verification purposes.

Contacting Us

If you wish to find out more information, or raise any specific or general concerns about us and our Privacy Policies, the contact details are as follows:

Privacy Officer

GPO Box 204

Sydney NSW 2001

Telephone: 1300 181 038